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A radical libertarian, Wilson rose to fame as the creator of the Liberator, the world’s first fully 3-D printable gun.

Bharara has made the Southern District of New York a top jurisdiction for computer crime cases, and prosecuted some of the most high-profile felony cases of the last several years, from Stratfor hacker Jeremy Hammond to alleged Silk Road kingpin Ross Ulbricht. Department of Justice’s role in Operation Onymous, which took down dozens of Dark Web markets, including Silk Road 2 and two of the other top six online drug markets.After all, the agency is supposed to be there for our good, right? But 18 months of revelations about the agency's seemingly endless surveillance activities—and those of its UK partner GCHQ—have made it clear that many of its actions present a real danger to the internet.Yes, the NSA is tasked with collecting signals intelligence against targets suspected of being a national security threat.Unlike the Dread Pirate Roberts or Defcon, the talkative administrators of Silk Road and its sequel, Verto has kept a low profile as Evolution has grown to amass more than 22,000 listings of mostly illegal products.And unlike Silk Road, which confined itself to the sale of drugs and counterfeit documents, Evolution also offers weapons and stolen bank account credentials, a sign that the Dark Web could become far darker under Verto’s reign.

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    Based on the novels by Robert Graves, it stars Derek Jacobi (The King’s Speech, Cadfael) in a career-defining role.

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    It’s astonishingly self-aware, and is the kind of letter I wish I received more, instead of the one blaming men for all the ills of the world.